Race Week/Interclub

Captain’s report

Snow could not have timed it better.....40 to 50cm dump over the weekend and our race Week followed. Most of the week we had fantastic conditions, although the weather did deteriant towards week’s end.  Nonetheless we all had a great week with many interesting stories to tell, certainly more interesting then my fall out of the start gate in the GS.

Race Week Results

Age winners – Letitia Murphy; Kim Easdale; Jan Owens; Tim Easdale; Daniel Kavo; Arthur Owens; Butch Young.

Leah & Jim Gardner Trophy – Letiaia Murphy

Smith trophy – Tim Easdale

Eric Folden Trophy – Kim Easdale & Daniel Kavo

Rob Mayne Trophy – Letitia Murphy

Evelyn Piggott Trophy – Antonia Murphy

Rex Cox Trophy – Kim Easdale & Tim Easdale

Rose Bowl (Most improved) Danirl Kavo

Club Champions – Kim Easdale & Tim Easdale

Thredbo Interclub

This was another one of those great days....Rained all day!!!

Warm weather created soft snow and anyone who had a bib number beyond 30 was skiing in 60cm deep ruts. There were more falls in this race than I have ever seen, not to mention that six of our team hit the deck.

This caused a few concerns heading to the Presentation as we had no idea about how many of the other teams had fallen in the really tough conditions. I am not too sure whether SASC won or the other teams lost, but we were winners by 5 points nonetheless.

SASC has a great team of youth and mature racers and congratulations to all for a fantastic effort on such an horrific day of racing.

Stand outs were:

Jenny Owens – fastest female

Craig Branch & Scott Kneller 2nd & 3rd respectively

Charlotte Murphy 3rd fastest female

SASC fastest team of 5 – Craig Branch; Scott Kneller; Jenny Owens; Matt Coffey; AJ Jones

Thredbo Interclub 2016

What a fantastic achievement by the SASC Team with a 9 point with over 2nd place Ski Club of Australia. Every Team member put in a great performance to improve on our tie with Ski Club in 2015. Highlights below:

Fastest women...Jenny Owens; 2nd Sami Kennedy-Sims; 5th Libby Parry

Fastest men....Scott Kneller; 3rd Tim Easdale; 6th Ed Parry; 7th Matt Coffey

Fastest SASC member on handicap...Jenny Owens

Fastest over 50 years....Robert Kavo; 2nd Arthur Owens; 3rd Rod Hill

SASC....Fastest team of 5.

SASC....Fastest minimum Team

SASC....3rd with Minimum Team on handicap.

Snowline Cup

On a terrible raining/foggy day we saw 58 competitors turn up to race on a course where it was just possible to see the second gate ahead. That said, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves particularly having a coffee in Stillwell after the race.

Katie Short was the fastest female child (course shortened for children) -Jerra

Tom Marshall the fastest boy - Pigmy

Elsa Firth fastest female - Targangil

Richard Evenden fastest male - Snowbird.

2016 Race Week


Podiums in age groups

Butch Young Paul Foy Benny Kavo

Jan Owens

Arthur Owens John Hardy Phil Friedlander

Robert Kavo Rod Hill Alastair Sloan

Libby Parry Letita Murphy Charlotte Muphy

Chris Hardy Ben Hardy Cameron Sloan


Womens SL Letita Murphy

Mens SL  Chris Hardy

Womens GS Libby Parry

Mens GS Ben Wynn

Womens Super G Libby Parry

Mens Super G Ben Wynn

Womens DH Libby Parry

Mens DH Ben Wynn

Mens XC Alastair Sloan

Perpetual Trophies

Rex Cox.....Ben Hardy

No women

Alpine Champions Overall....Libby Parry & Chris Hardy

Alpine Champions Veterans...Penny Bean & Robert Kavo (Eric Folden Trophy)

Kore Grunnsund XC Trophy....Alastair Sloan

Lyn Doden Trophy GS.....Chris Hardy

Leah & Jim Gardner (Alpine)....Libby Parry

Evelyn & Bill Pigot DH....Libby Parry

George Nicol Rose Bowl.....Phil Friedlander

Snow season races 2016

Thredbo Masters GS - Saturday 23 July

Race Week Thredbo - SASC Championships - Sunday 31 July to Friday 5 August inclusive

Tuesday 2nd August – Rossignol race course – 11:30am : 1:30pm – Timed training.

Wednesday 3rd August – Rossignol race course – 9:30am onwards – Slalom.

Wednesday 3rd August – Friday Flat/Golf Course – 4:30pm onwards – Cross Country.

Thursday 4th August – Rossignol race course – 9:30am onwards – Giant Slalom

Friday 5th August – Long Rossignol race course – 9:30am onwards – Super G.

Thredbo Senior Interclub - Saturday 6 August (By invitation)

Snowline Cup Charlotte Pass - Wednesday 17 August, see flyer

2015 Race Summary

Southern Alps tied with Ski Club of Australia in this year's Thredbo Interclub.

Including two new additions to the Team this year (Shane Burdett & Ryan MacDougall) we managed to "pull-off" another top spot in this highly competive event.

Our fastest males were Scott Kneller, Tim Easdale, AJ Jones & Ed Parry.

Fastest females Sami Sims & Libby Parry.

Best pair on any club on handicap were Kim Easdale & Arthur Owens.

Winners of Perpetual Trophies for 2015 Race Week were:


Rex Cox Trophy Combined Alpine & Nordic

Jon Hardy

REX COX Female

Rex Cox Trophy Combined Alpine & Nordic

Kim Easdale


Alpine Champion Open Male

SASC Championship Trophy (Smith Trophy)

Dylan Edwards

Alpine Champion Open Female

The Tasmania Cup (Lear & Jim Gardner Memorial Trophy)

Charlotte Murphy


Alpine Champion Masters Male

Rod and Christine Edwards Trophy

Greg Williams

Alpine Champion Masters Female

Rod and Christine Edwards Trophy

Sue Williams  

Alpine Champion Veterans Male

Erik Folden Trophy

Robert Kavo

Alpine Champion Veterans Female

Erik Folden Trophy

Kim Easdale

Cross Country Champion Male

Kore Grunnsund SASC XC men's Champion Trophy

Greg Williams

Cross Country Champion Female

SASC Ladies XC plate (Bill & Evelyn Pigot)

Hannah Williams

GS Champion Male

GS Championship Trophy (Lyn Doden)

Ben Wynn

SL Champion Female

SASC 40th Aniversary Plate

Charlotte Murphy

SASC Evelyn & Bill Pigot Trophy (ice bucket)

Downhill Champion female

Charlotte Murphy

2015 Snowline Cup

The inaugral trophy for clubs in the Snowline Cup at Charlotte Pass went to Southern Alps. Criteria for this are the best two males and one female from each club and this year it went to Kim Easdale, Butch Young & Arthur Owens who won it for the Club.

During the event it continually snowed making visibility poor to say the least. However, the 60 or so racers managed the conditions well with only a couple of races losing their way. Many thanks to Stuart Lowndes for being the main string in organising this race and all those, particularly his family, for time keeping.

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