2015 Race Summary

Southern Alps tied with Ski Club of Australia in this year's Thredbo Interclub.

Including two new additions to the Team this year (Shane Burdett & Ryan MacDougall) we managed to "pull-off" another top spot in this highly competive event.

Our fastest males were Scott Kneller, Tim Easdale, AJ Jones & Ed Parry.

Fastest females Sami Sims & Libby Parry.

Best pair on any club on handicap were Kim Easdale & Arthur Owens.

Winners of Perpetual Trophies for 2015 Race Week were:


Rex Cox Trophy Combined Alpine & Nordic

Jon Hardy

REX COX Female

Rex Cox Trophy Combined Alpine & Nordic

Kim Easdale


Alpine Champion Open Male

SASC Championship Trophy (Smith Trophy)

Dylan Edwards

Alpine Champion Open Female

The Tasmania Cup (Lear & Jim Gardner Memorial Trophy)

Charlotte Murphy


Alpine Champion Masters Male

Rod and Christine Edwards Trophy

Greg Williams

Alpine Champion Masters Female

Rod and Christine Edwards Trophy

Sue Williams  

Alpine Champion Veterans Male

Erik Folden Trophy

Robert Kavo

Alpine Champion Veterans Female

Erik Folden Trophy

Kim Easdale

Cross Country Champion Male

Kore Grunnsund SASC XC men's Champion Trophy

Greg Williams

Cross Country Champion Female

SASC Ladies XC plate (Bill & Evelyn Pigot)

Hannah Williams

GS Champion Male

GS Championship Trophy (Lyn Doden)

Ben Wynn

SL Champion Female

SASC 40th Aniversary Plate

Charlotte Murphy

SASC Evelyn & Bill Pigot Trophy (ice bucket)

Downhill Champion female

Charlotte Murphy