Tia Skwarko excels at Canadian Interschools

Just a quick email to let you all know how Canada went. In short, it was wonderful! I did two weeks of race training with two incredibly instructors with very high credentials. The first week was spent with Glenn Wurtele. Glenn was an ex-Canadian National Olympic Team Head-Coach. He had been sponsored by Atomic for the past 40 years. I learnt a lot from him in the short week we had him, its a pity other commitments meant I couldn't be instructed by him for another week. The second coach we had was Keith Eliason. A level 4instructor and level 3 race coach. We spoke a lot about my future, and to happily, he told me that he thought World Cup skiing was definitely a feasible and realistic goal for me. His one-on-one conversations definitely gave me the big confidence boost I needed.
^ I'm in the middle - first place :)I competed in 2 races while I was over there, and I won both scoring fastest times of the day. On the second race, I was only 90ms behind my coach Keith - even though I wasn't 100% happy with my run.
I think I definitely learnt a lot while I was in Canada - about skiing, about my skiing and about myself as a competitor. The wonderful people I met over there encouraged me and gave me the confidence I needed. I can't wait to get into a (hopefully) successful ski season this year.
Thank you so much SASC for everything you've done this year. I wouldn't be where I am now without you.
Tia Skwarko