2016 Paddy Pallin Junior shield

Unfortunately due to much needed blizzard on 13th July racing did not go ahead.

Many of the children registered for the Paddy Pallin entered the Charlotte Pass Standard Race on Thursday 14th July set on the Waterfall run.

Southern Alps used the results of the Standard Race to determine the 2016 Junior Alpine Champions and holders of the Martin Walkers Memorial Trophy - congratulations to Hannah Williams and James Lahoud.

The Paddy Pallin Cross Country Race was also cancelled due to poor weather but we were fortunate to be able to set a course on Thursday 14th July at the back of the Charlotte Pass Chalet. The Junior Race team made up most of the entries plus last years Cross COuntry champion Dexter Schneider. Fasted girl to complete two laps was Hannah Williams and fastest boy was William Elliot, congratulations to both who are 2016 Junior Cross Country Champions and holders of the Rex Cox Shield.