Saturday to Saturday - 31 Aug to 07 Sep. Nordic Week, Charlotte Pass.

Another successful week away at our beautiful lodge at Charlotte Pass.

Here’s a day-by-day summary of our XC Nordic Week activities:

  • Sun 01 Sep - Spencers Ck, Betts Ck, Betts Camp, Johnnies Plain - 10.6 km

  • Mon 02 Sep - Kosci Rd, Clarke Trees 1, The Junction, Snowy Gorge, 2nd Rd Ck - 11.1 km

  • Tue 03 Sep - Foxhole Saddle, Restaurant Ruin, Trapyard Ck (contour descent) - 10.1 km

  • Wed 04 Sep - Stilwell Saddle, Kangaroo Ridge, Spencers Cairn, Andys Cairn, Merrits Ck, Middle Ridge, Andys Leap - 14.4 km - good firm snow

  • Thur 05 Sep - Trapyard Ck (climb spur), across to pole line and down Wrights Ck - 7.9 km

  • Fri 06 Sep - deteriorating weather - 250 mm new snow o'night

Show these snaps to your skiing friends and get them to join SASC if they haven’t already. This terrain on the Main Range and Snowy River valley is the best XC skiing in Australia.

All photos David Dalwood.