Thredbo Interclub 2016

What a fantastic achievement by the SASC Team with a 9 point with over 2nd place Ski Club of Australia. Every Team member put in a great performance to improve on our tie with Ski Club in 2015. Highlights below:

Fastest women...Jenny Owens; 2nd Sami Kennedy-Sims; 5th Libby Parry

Fastest men....Scott Kneller; 3rd Tim Easdale; 6th Ed Parry; 7th Matt Coffey

Fastest SASC member on handicap...Jenny Owens

Fastest over 50 years....Robert Kavo; 2nd Arthur Owens; 3rd Rod Hill

SASC....Fastest team of 5.

SASC....Fastest minimum Team

SASC....3rd with Minimum Team on handicap.

Snowline Cup

On a terrible raining/foggy day we saw 58 competitors turn up to race on a course where it was just possible to see the second gate ahead. That said, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves particularly having a coffee in Stillwell after the race.

Katie Short was the fastest female child (course shortened for children) -Jerra

Tom Marshall the fastest boy - Pigmy

Elsa Firth fastest female - Targangil

Richard Evenden fastest male - Snowbird.