Juniors Chairman's report - April 2018

By David Green.

This Northern winter, the juniors supported the following skiers at their training in various places all around the USA and Canada. Letitia Murphy, April and Ben Wynn, Will Delaney and Theo Coates. Some of these athletes have already submitted trip reports, and the committee are awaiting reports from the rest. By all reports, there have been some excellent results.

The big news is the SASC Juniors Bus Trip 2018 is moving to Kahane Lodge, Perisher
Dates are Thursday 5th July to Sunday 8th July $450 for one child, less for more children
Includes transport to/from Perisher,  accom, food, lift, and lesson
Register interest before 7th May

Attendees will be decided at next juniors meeting on 15th May at Chatswood

Bbq prep day being held at Lane Cove Skiff Club on Sunday 3rd June 2018 from 1 to 3pm

The aim of our bus trip is to improve skiing or snowboarding ability of our young club members, to learn to be responsible and have a great time. Klara Henderson is the bus trip coordinator this year. Contact Klara Henderson mobile: 0411 709 413 email: klara.henderson@gmail.com

Applications need to be in before the next juniors committee meeting on Tues 15th May 2018 and if interested in being a parent helper come along to the meeting. Applications will be sorted by age with the older children being offered places first. Application forms will only be sent to successful applicants after cut off age has been determined. See the enclosed flier for further details, please encourage your children to join and take part in this 40+yr tradition within our great club, I can speak from personal experience, that it is a trip of a lifetime for the kids.

The orientation day for camp attendees, is again at the 12ft Skiff Club on Longueville wharf at the end of Stuart St Longueville on 3rd of June. (Thanks as always Michael Este and the club). 
Starting at 1 pm with a sausage sizzle and some activities to encourage the bus trippers to mix and meet each other. This is particularly important for the new children to meet the old hands and the 2018 parent helpers. A short information session will allow any questions on bus trip or race training will be discussed.

Junior Race Training will be conducted in July following the camp.
Eight children from the bus trip will be selected to have a week of supervised, ski and cross country race training at Perisher. The Junior committee will pay for race coaching, lift tickets, race entry and transport to races at Thredbo and Charlotte Pass. Parents will need to pay lodge accommodation and provide transport to and from Perisher, which may be shared with other parents.

All race team members will stay at Kahane Lodge under supervision of the team managers. The team members will be required to train for alpine skiing and cross country skiing. This program is designed to give our Juniors the chance to experience race training before progressing to a race club. Fitness before the bus trip is essential for best results. Children are only allowed to be in this team twice to allow many to experience this training.
Thredbo Junior Interclub Tuesday 17th  July, 2018

We will be conducting training preceding the Junior Interclub on Tuesday 17th July. This will be held at Perisher. If there are any children who would like to train with a coach please make yourself known to the committee, and come around to Perisher. Those juniors, who have attended the training, thought it was a valuable experience to be able to hone their racing skills. We are always willing to listen to suggestions on how we can encourage that older group and younger group, who have some race experience (over 13 to 18yr olds) to race for SASC in the Junior Interclub.

We will need to have SASC competitors entered in all age groups (up to 19 yrs) to have a chance to improve last year’s 2nd place. We are fortunate to have a growing number of race club juniors competing for us, but not in all age groups! Race training is not essential and you do not need to be registered for Interschools. The Junior committee will pay race entry and 1 day lift ticket for the children who participate. If you are interested please register with Kim Easdale at kim@easdales.com or phone 0412 851 615 before 5 July 2018.

Paddy Pallin Junior Shield Races are being planned for Wed 18 July 2018 (weather permitting) at Charlotte Pass. This is the event where racing is great fun for everyone, all school age children and students are invited to participate in alpine ski, snowboard and/or cross country events. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are offered for boys and girls in each age group. Paddy Pallin awards are presented to the fastest overall boy & girl in alpine and cross country disciplines. James and Joan Delaney Combined trophies are awarded to highest combined results for alpine and cross country events. Snowboarders are also catered for with their own division. Day trippers are welcome to join in at Charlotte Pass.

To qualify for the bib draw please register your intention to race by contacting the race coordinator at Charlotte Pass Lodge on Sun or Mon 16/7/17. If you would like more information please contact Rod Peile.

Sponsorship for Junior racers
The SASC Lodge Cooperative has made available some funding for children who actively participate in Perisher or Thredbo race clubs and participate in our junior events.
Children who wish to apply for this kind offer need to give the Junior Committee the following information: the race club in which they intend to enroll, their results in the last year, their availability for Junior Interclub, approximate racing club costs, whether they trained /raced in the Northern winter and/or their southern summer training regime.
All responses are to go Lisa Manoy at lisamanoy@bigpond.com

Our next Juniors meeting is on Tuesday 15th May, 2018 Everyone is welcome, We will finalize details for this year's events, so please contact me on 0413470099 if you have any questions regarding our Juniors program.